January 08, 2015 4 min read

Looking for the very best dog walking bag? Well we think we have found it with the DOOG Walkie Bag.

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Design Overview & Initial Testing

We road tested the DOOG Walkie Bag with Albie and Kizzie over several weeks. The Walkie Bag is cross body, shoulder bag for dog walking with a large middle compartment plus a couple of handy additional pockets for all those extra doggy essentials.

Our dogs Albie & Kizzie helped were on hand to help with the review, they told us to make sure we didn't forget to take their treats, a ball to play with and a recall whistle (so they could get a treat after running back - clever huh!) and.... an extra bag of treats just in case!

We also made sure we used the dedicated pocket for waste bags so we could be responsible owners. 

DOOG Walkie Bag, Dog Walking Shoulder Bag | Barks & Bunnies

There was plenty of space to fit everything we needed into the Doog Walkie Bag, the handy mesh pocket on the outside allowed us to take a ball (tennis ball size) which is a real must for Kizzie. No more having to squeeze a soggy, wet or muddy ball into our pockets, the mesh dealt with it perfectly! 

In the summer months bottle of water can easily be slipped into the same netted mesh compartment so that Albie & Kizzie can stay hydrated (and us too!). 

DOOG Walkie Bag, Dog Walking Shoulder Bag | Barks & Bunnies

Everything else could then be safely stored and packed away on the inside by closing the flap which is secured using a simple magnetic popper -  no fumbling around when holding your dog's lead or when it's cold and need to wear gloves!

Central Storage Compartment

The deep central storage compartment gave us all the room we needed to carry the treats on Albie & Kizzies wishlist.

DOOG's design team have made sure the central compartment opens nice and wide so we had easy to access to everything inside without having to force our hand in.

DOOG Walkie Bag, Best Bag for Dog Walkers | Barks & Bunnies

So what else fit besides the treats? we took our standard First Aid equipment, a small roll of 'vetwrap' and also a special splint which supports any broken limbs, both doggy and human! (extreme I know, but Albie is just SO accident prone!).

We found that the inner pocket on the DOOG Walkie Bag really was so deep that we were able to easily fit a few more bits in. Other things we took included; a pack of tissues/hand-wipes, our mobile phone (more below about that) and a wallet/purse. 

Within the central storage area is a further zipped pocket. Designed with a clear plastic this zipped area is waterproof and was just perfect for our mobile phone. 

DOOG Walkie Bag, Best Bag for Dog Walkers | Barks & Bunnies

Additional Accessories & Waste Bags

The only thing we struggled to decide on was where to keep our recall whistle. That is one accessory we simply can't do without and we need quick access to a whistle because we have two dogs that like nothing more to explore! 

We attached it (after much debate!) on the outside of the bag by looping the whistle lanyard around the metal loops for the shoulder strap.

It would undoubtedly have fit into the central compartment but for us we found access easier by attaching it to the outside of the bag and it certainly means we will never forget to take it with us either!

DOOG Walkie Bag, Cross Body Dog Walking Bag | Barks & Bunnies

The DOOG Walkie Bag has a dedicated pocket on the front for a pouch of waste bags.

We have always been responsible dog owners, clearing up wherever we go and this handy pouch gave us easy, instant access to waste bags. 

This purpose made pocket on the front of the bag is perfectly sized to fit theDOOG Tidy Bags and there is a free pack of waste bags included with every Walkie Bag

DOOG Walkie Bag, Cross Body Dog Walking Bag | Barks & Bunnies

The Style Factor

The DOOG Walkie Bag is a fantastically stylish, cross body dog walking bag. 

DOOG Walkie Bag, Cross Body Dog Walking Bag | Barks & Bunnies

After much 'umming' and 'ahhhing' we chose the grey bag to road test, mostly because of the contrasting orange strap which is one of my favourite colours!

In the winter months I admit that light grey probably isn't the most practical colour, being so pale it will probably get dirty fairly easily but it's gorgeous to look at and in the summer months will be perfect.

We found the fabric of the DOOG Walkie Bag to be soft but robust and are happy using it as a dog walking bag out on a country walk or equally strolling through town stopping for a coffee.


We really like the versatility and appearance of the DOOG Walkie bag. It solves so many problems by being big enough to carry everything but constructed with a lightweight fabric so it isn't too heavy.

DOOG Walkie Bag, Cross Body Dog Walking Bag | Barks & Bunnies

The bag is absolutely ideal for walks, long lazy Sunday rambles through the countryside, or town walks stopping off for a coffee on route. 

We are really happy with our DOOG Walkie Bag, so pleased in fact that it has replaced our previous dog walking bag!

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DOOG Walkie Bag Dog Walking Bag | Barks & Bunnies