August 03, 2015 3 min read

A rabbit's natural instinct is to graze, mainly at dusk and dawn with grass often being their number one choice.

But is all grass safe to eat? What about grass cuttings from the lawn mower?

High in fibre grass is a fantastic and natural food for your bunny to eat and their unique digestive systems are built to process it efficiently. In fact grass and hay is generally much more important to their deit than commercial rabbit pellets ('nuggets'). 

See more on the RSPCA website here.

What type of grass is safe to feed?

Normal lawn grass is generally totally safe for your rabbits however if your bunny isn't used to eating grass then it should be introduced to their diet slowly. 

Even though grass is a natural food source a rabbit's digestive system is incredibly sensitive and new foods should always be slowly introduced over a matter of days.

Our first bunnies Daisy & Duke loved to munch on grass but Duke had a very sensitive tummy and every spring the fresh rich grass would upset him a bit so we had to limit grass time around then for him.

Remember you can always ask your vet for advice if you are unsure and baby rabbits dietary needs and suitability will be different to adult rabbits.

Are grass clippings from the lawn mower safe?

You should never feed your bunny grass cuttings from lawn mowers.

According to The Rabbit House, the heat of the blades and the cutting process causes changes to the grass making it ferment quicker leaving your bunny vulnerable to a poorly tummy.

It is much better to pick grass or cut it with scissors (supervised if necessary) and make sure you feed it straight away removing any that your bunny doesn't eat.

How to feed grass if you don't have a lawn or have a house rabbit

There are lots of ways to feed grass to your rabbits whether they are house rabbits or you if don't have much lawn space.

Here are a few of our top picks;

Friendly Readigrass

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Friendly ReadiGrass is an aromatic forage made with British grass grown exclusively from fields in the heart of Yorkshire that is naturally dried.

Packed with essential nutrients to care for your little-ones general health and wellbeing Readigrass is a natural fibre source which helps keep their digestive system moving effectively. 

Green Oat Readigrass

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Friendly Green Oat Readigrass is made exclusively from Friendship Estates fields in the heart of Yorkshire and harvested at an early stage whilst still fresh and green before the grain develops.

Rosewood Naturals Nibble & Dig Meadow

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The Rosewood Naturals Nibble 'n' Dig Meadow with dandelion and blossoms is a delightful way to enrich your rabbit & small animals environment bringing the garden to them!

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Grow your Own

Don't worry, it's easy to grow grass in a tray.

Visit your local garden centre and buy some grass seed, a tray and soil, there will be plenty of experts there to help you choose the best options.

Follow the instructions and within weeks your bunnies will have a tray bursting with grass that they can eat, once finished simply remove it and let the grass regrow, then return the new grass to your bunnies! Keep a few trays so that you can cycle them in sequence allowing regular access to grass.

You could also try growing your own pots of herbs or even some wildflower seed mixes which contain rabbit safe plants.

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