January 02, 2019 3 min read

‘New Year, New You’ - and the same goes for your four-legged friend! Making some New Year’s resolutions that revolve around your pet can be a lot of fun - plus, making your New Year resolution with your beloved family member could give you the extra motivation to stick to it! 

See some of our top suggestions for New Year’s resolutions to make with your pet today:

#1 Go Out For More Walks

There’s nothing like a good walk outdoors in the fresh air to keep you happy! Taking more walks is a simple and effective way to make healthier changes in your lifestyle - and one that your dog will be more than appreciative of! Our coat collection can keep your dogs warm and comfortable on walks  all-year-round with a range of coat types - from waterproof jackets like the Ruffwear Cloud Chaser, to high vis coats to keep your pet safe on dark roads at night and duffle coats that will keep them cosy as the cold nights draw in. Shop our full range of coats and jackets for your dog, here. 

#2 Keep A Healthy Diet

New Year is the time to turn to a healthier routine and your pet can join in too! We stock a wide range of healthy and nutritional dog and rabbit snacks to keep their diet fresh and ensure your pet’s health stays in top condition. Try our low fat dog treat, here, or treat your rabbit to some natural snacks that keep their food as authentic as possible, here.

#3 Take More Adventures

2019 is the time to go out and explore! Take on a new challenge - climb that mountain or go into the wilderness, accompanied by your faithful four-legged friend. We have a huge range of equipment to help you on your trek, including the Quencher Cinch Top Bowl to keep them fed and hydrated, or our range of travel blankets to let them rest when you get tired on your journey. 

#4 Invest In Self-Care

It’s important to take some ‘me time’ this year and your pet is no different! Grooming equipment, vitamins and calming remedies are all an important part of your pet’s self-care routine and now’s the time to make sure you’re fully-stocked up! Shop our range of bunny wellbeing items here to see how you can bring some much needed TLC to your pet’s life.

#5 Increase Your Playtime

There’s nothing more important than a good work life balance! Play and relax time is the most important part of the day - after all, there’s no such thing as too much fun! We have a huge range of toys for both dogs and bunnies, with everything from soft toys to interactive toys. Shop our range of dog toys, here.

Celebrate The New Year With A Happy Box

Start this year with a surprise! Order one of our happy boxes for your pet and start a subscription that will bring your 2019 plenty of joy! In each box you get a random selection of our most popular toys and treats - ensuring no two boxes are ever the same. Our boxes can be tailored to your pet’s lifestyle and dietary requirements, meaning you can stick to your New Year’s resolutions with ease! Order a single box or subscription, here

Let Us Know You & Your Pet’s Resolutions

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know some of the exciting resolutions you’ve made with your four-legged friends on our social media, here.