November 09, 2018 3 min read

Their small size has no bearing on the big extravaganza that you can treat your rabbit to this Christmas! Go all out and spoil your loved ones with our collection of ideal rabbit and small pet gifts. We’ve carefully compiled our top ten picks to delight your pet this year:

Find The Best Christmas Present For Your Small Pet

#1 Festive Snap ’n’ Share Bar - £1.99

Share the love with our cleverly-designed natural snap and share bars. Breaking into three, our cranberry, apply and coconut flavoured treats can be spread out into individual helpings - making them delight for longer! At just £1.99 they’re a perfect stocking filler for your pet. Get yours now.

#2 Sisal Santa hat - £3.99

Create a fun focal feature for your rabbit or guinea pig’s den with our Sisal Santa Hat. Created from the leaves of a cactus plant, this toy can be stuffed with hay and filed with their favourite treats to give them an extra special foraging experience! The hats are limited edition, so get yours whilst stocks last!

#3 Hay Roll Christmas Tree - £4.99

Give your pet a Christmas tree of their own with our delightful hay roll version. This tasty hanging tree is ideal for little paws to work at and stretch their legs on. Order yours here today.

#4 Christmas Stocking - £7.99

Make sure your pet doesn’t miss out on the Christmas stocking tradition with our small animal version. Your bunny will be able to nibble on a variety of treats throughout the day with our three different festive-based edibles. Get yours to hang on the family fireplace today.

#5 Festive Star Forage Tray - £4.99

Rosewood have created a unique hay star for your rabbit to enjoy at dinner times. The gnawable challenge will keep your rabbit or small pet entertained and prevent boredom over the winter season. Order yours today.

#6 Winter Forest Snuggles Bed - £11.99

Keep your pet warm this winter with our Rosewood snuggles bed! The luxury plush sleeping bed can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it highly versatile and perfect to accompany your pet everywhere. Provide the perfect place for your rabbit to relax, here.

#7 Pine Cone Snowman - £2.75 

Give your bunny a heartwarming gift that is traditionally designed. The natural pine cone has the appearance of a hanging decoration, making it perfect to put on your main tree as a representation of your treasured family member. Get your limited edition snowman now.

#8 Willow Tube - £5.99

Stuff our Happy Pet Willow Tube with hay, herbs and treats to provide an interactive challenge that will keep the boredom at bay. Made from 100% natural willow, the tube is perfect to nibble at and low-cost enough to use as a toy that can be destructed! Order our large size for rabbits today.

#9 Carrot Pet Bowl - £3.49

Our novelty carrot bowl will brighten your rabbit’s day! Make dinner fun with our ceramic carrot-shaped dish that feeds your pet comfortably. Both entertaining and stylish, the dish is perfect as a Christmas gift for your pet. Shop our bowls here. 

#10 Happy Pet Box - From £24.99

Indulge in an extra lavish gift with our curated gift boxes that are jam-packed with goodies your rabbit or guinea pig will love. Each box is hand-picked by our team to give you a carefully selected hamper of delightful gifts that spoil your rabbit on Christmas day! Order your box now.

Find The Perfect Rabbit Gift With Our Help

Still want more ideas for your rabbit? Or want us to help you choose the ideal present that is tailored to your pet’s personality? Speak to our friendly team today for our help in choosing an unique gift that will delight your bunny.