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The Ruffwear Webmaster dog harness is a core component of the Ruffwear dog harness range and features a handle on the back plus an impressive five-point adjustment system.

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Initial Impressions of the Web Master Harness

Excelling at what it was designed for the Ruffwear Web Master is ideal for taking your dog on some serious off road adventures and with it's handy back handle it can also be used to assist any dogs with injuries or with mobility difficulties. 

Our product review was carried out in May 2015 however even with the updated and new 2017 Ruffwear Web Master Harness our review remains relevant. There are new colours to choose from which were previously unavailable but the other features remain largely unchanged which is great because it means we can still rate this as one of the very dog harnesses available to buy right now.

For those who have been following us on social media you will know Kizzie recently injured her front leg and while she recovers we have turned to the Ruffwear Web Master to help take some of the strain.

Background - An Injured Kizzie needs a Ruffwear Web Master!

So what happened to Kizzie that we felt it necessary to use the Web Master harness rather than her much loved Front Range harness?

She started showing signs of lameness in her front left leg which got worse the more active she was. Simple walks with decreased activity didn't appear to cause a problem playing fetch with a ball for two minutes or chasing groups of crows that were taunting her (!) and it all got worse.

After a few vet visits and an X-ray the medical diagnosis was severe soft tissue damage. We have since been advised that to fully heal it could be as long as 18 months so we will get a great amount of use from the Web Master while she heals fully.

How it fits - Ruffwear Web Master Harness

After measuring her girth Kizzie measured perfectly into a size medium.

We generally like to choose brightly coloured accessories and apparel for both our dogs to give them increased visibility but on this occasion, we felt the Twilight Grey would suit her honey coloured coat and we really weren't disappointed.

Putting the Web Master on Kizzie was easy, we simply slipped the harness over her head and then picked up her right leg and placed it through the leg loop. 

The harness is then secured in place with two fully customisable straps that go underneath her tummy. Each strap has a padded section to provide additional comfort under her belly, especially when lifting using the back handle.

The neck piece has three adjustment points, one either side of the padded central chest panel and one that goes underneath to the belly panels. Kizzie has a very slim neck compared to the rest of her body but there was plenty of room left to adjust and we were able to achieve an excellent fit.

The strength test - Ruffwear Web Master Harness

Kizzie rarely pulls on lead but when she does it always surprises us at just how strong she is, probably because we just aren't used to her stretching out and rushing to where she want's to go. However.... put a squirrel in front of her and nothing can stop her excitement as she lunges ahead to chase it!

There is no doubt that the Web Master is a strong harness, the clips and entire frame coped easily with Kizzie even under the squirrel test! The pressed metal clip on the back showed no sign of strain and none of the straps or webbing came loose.

The Web Master also needs to be strong enough to help lift your dog using it's back handle and because this was our main purpose of Kizzie using this harness we were keen to check it out. Even with Kizzie's 30kg of weight the handle coped easily and the framework of the harness fully supported her giving us all complete confdence.

The Back Handle in Detail - Ruffwear Web Master Harness

The handle is what makes this dog harness exceptional and like no other.

Located on Kizzie's back the handle was ideal for giving her a little extra assistance while lame. 

Hopefully once recovered we will be able to get out on some more adventurous walks with her and then we will use it for 'off-road' activities such as helping her over country stiles - or on holidays over mountainous terrain. For now though we are using it primarily to help her in and out of hte car to prevent her jarring her leg or landing on it with too much weight.

The robust handle is low profile too so it combined the very best of strength, comfort of use for our hand to hold and Kizzie was able to crawl under things without getting herself trapped or damaging the handle.

The style factor - Ruffwear Web Master Harness

At the time of writing this update the Web Master harness is available in three colours, Blue Dusk, Red Currant and Twlight Grey and five sizes so there should be something for everyone. 

For such a robust harness we think it's style is spot on, it is suited for both country, mountain and urban environments.

Everyday use and adventures - Ruffwear Web Master Harness

Kizzie has mostly been using her Web Master on fairly calm and average walks which have been restricted to short pavement strolls or slow walks around the local countryside. 

The harness has stood up well to all types of walks and hasn't looked out of place plus it's given Kizzie additional security and stability when needed.

The reflective piping on the harness is well detailed and distributed across the back and sides of the harness so we are confident it will assist in low light conditions.

In winter we don't need to worry about her getting cold either because the Web Master harness is designed to be worn over the top of several Ruffwear dog coats which will provide her the warmth she enjoys when it's cold but still allow us to offer her assistance where she needs it with the handle. 


We absolutely can't fault the Ruffwear Web Master Harness.

It has enabled Kizzie to get out and given us peace of mind that we had a way of helping her without having to physically lift her ourselves (Leigh can lift her but I don't stand a chance - and she doesn't really enjoy being picked up so the handle on the back of the harness is ideal).

Ruffwear have been frequently praised for the Web Master harness and we can see why.

Not only is it virtually houdini-proof due to the design with it's 3 straps and five adjustment points but it's also well suited to serious off road walks or assisting dogs that are living with or recovering from injury.

The impressive design ensures the Ruffwear Web Master harness is not only suitable as an everyday dog harness but also makes for a phenomenal upgrade when you need something more substantial.

Without the Web Master Kizzie would have been confined to a series of very boring walks and wouldn't have been able to travel in the car without being lifted into the car. It's given her some freedom while injured and having the choice of her wearing a Front Range harness or the Web Master will continue to give her that freedom for many months and years to come.

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