Our Packaging

Barks & Bunnies take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. As avid recyclers in our personal life we are always looking for ways to carry the same principles to our business and packaging.

When you order from Barks & Bunnies you will quickly and easily be able to transform an ordinary cardboard box into a fun and interactive toy that gets your dogs nose working and your bunnies binkying. Once the fun is over we also encourage you to either recycle or compost the remains!

On the occasions where it is wasteful to use box to post your items we will use envelopes instead, or we may carefully pack your order into preloved box, especially when ordering large bulky items. Barks & Bunnies methods are to reuse and recycle.

New Style Paper Forage Box Guide

After a trial period with our customers, we decided to use paper packing in all deliveries, the foraging fun doesn't need to end though!

  • Remove your dogs/rabbits goodies from the box leaving the paper inside
  • Mix some of their favourite treats into the paper tearing the paper into smaller pieces if required, or even adding some more of your own!
  • Ask them to 'go find' & let them investigate in their own time

Miss the straw/hay packaging? See below for details how to request it.

We want your photos & videos!

We want your photos with our new paper packaging so we can show everyone how much fun a completely normal paper packed box can be!

Send them to us on social media or via email and we will feature some of our favourites below! 

Watch Holly tearing up her box, it's Forage Box boredom busting fun!

Photo credits: Top Right; Wilson

Below you will see videos and a gallery of dogs/bunnies playing with our old style packaging.

Old Style Straw Packaging

There was a time when we packed orders using straw. Although this was very popular there were some customers who had allergies or even whose pets had allergies and so to prevent any chance of adverse reactions we consulted all our customers and the decision was taken to use paper packaging going forwards.

But...... and this is the good bit.... if you and your pets loved the straw/hay packaging just pop a note on your order at the checkout to request it and we will do our best to provide your required packaging.

If you want to remember the fun of the straw filled boxes without any of the mess in your home (!) take a look below at some of the great videos and photos we were sent. 

NOSTALGIA -  The Straw Forage Box in Action - Hubble

Nostalgia -  The straw Forage Box - Duke's Blog

You can read bunny Duke's blog all about our Forage Box when he ordered a Love Them Happy gift box for the first time.... read the full review here!

Nostalgia - the straw Forage Box in Action - Belle

Belle received her very first forage box from us and as you can see had super fun finding what had been sent for her in this mystery box....! Belle went OTRB 22/12/14

Old style Forage Box Gallery