Ruffwear Coat Additional Size Guide

Below you will find the detailed Ruffwear Size Guide for all Ruffwear Coats. 

It is always recommended that the girth measurement is the most important dimension used when selecting your size however if your dog is a more unusual shape you will find details below explaining the back length and neck size of each coat.

Please note that on all product pages where a product specific size guide is available there will be an explanation of whether to go up or down a size if your dog is borderline. 

How to use the guide for back length and neck size;

If you have already measured your dog's girth and followed the advice on the product specific size guide about what to do if your dog is borderline but are still unsure; 

  1. Re-measure your dog's girth using the first section of the fitting chart
  2. Locate the coat you want to order in the second section of the fitting the chart and find the back length and neck size