The Barks & Bunnies Family Photos

The Barks & Bunnies Family Photos

Barks & Bunnies love getting to know your pets and seeing photos of them is one of our favourite things. 

All the dogs and bunnies you see below are members of the BBFamily inculuding our first ever customer Finn, a Golden Labrador from Scotland and 'Merlyn The Collie' the founder of what is now known as the BBFamily plus Ben, Ed & Hubble, Buckthorn and so many more.

The Barks & Bunnies Family Blogs

People writing blogs about us is still something that surprises me. I know how precious time is, there is never enough of it and so when we are sent links to blogs that people have written about their Barks & Bunnies order we are always completely blown away and touched that we have done something which they felt was worth writing about.

Please note that we don't pay or send freebies for any blogs to be written, these are all honest, genuine blogs from people who have taken time out of their days to write about us.

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Baker's Easter 2015

Baker's Summer Toy Review

Baker's Easter 2014 

Thank you for blogging!

I think it would be such a shame if all these fun and happy stories were lost as the weeks, months and years pass by so we decided to keep a record of all the ones that we know about so we can always remember, it's like a diary or photo album of the Barks & Bunnies family. 

So if you write a blog about something we have sent you please send us details!