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Love Them Happy - Pet Boxes & Charity Donations

Barks & Bunnies love happy dogs, happy rabbits and a happy you! 

We spent a long time thinking of a clear, fun message to convey what we are about and we finally had our eureka moment with 'Love Them Happy' (ok my husband Leigh had the eureka, but don’t tell him I admitted that!). 

We make all our charity donations through sales of our Happy Pet Boxes and other fundraising activities for the successful Happy Charity selected on a three-month basis via our social media.

Buy your box full of happy

Barks & Bunnies dog/small animal boxes launched in 2015 with prices starting at only £9.99!

Dread signing up to a subscription service? Don't worry, the Barks & Bunnies pet boxes come with a one time purchase option or a repeat service which is entirely in your control. 

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How to Nominate a Charity 

Come and find us using the links at the bottom of the page to make your nominations on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages. Wait until you see the post from us asking for your nominations! 

Present (& Past) Charity Donations

We are delighted that with the support of the Barks & Bunnies family our list of donations is growing steadily bigger. Below is all the donations we have made including our current deserving charity as nominated by you!

Give a Dog a Bone Charity | Barks & Bunnies October - December 2017 Give A Dog A Bone
- donation pending
Rabbit Rescue North West Charity | Barks & Bunnies July - September 2017 Rabbit Rescue North West
- donation Paypal
April - June 2017 Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies 
- Donation 
Jan - Mar 

Margaret Green Animal Rescue

- Donation via MGAR website

Oct - Dec
Windwhistle Warren
- Donation via Paypal
July - Sept 2016 Spaniel Aid UK
- Donation via Paypal
April - June 2016 Wildlife Aid Foundation
- Donation via Paypal
April 2016 Animal Krackers
- Donation via Virgin Money
March 2016 PACT Animal Sanctuary
- Donation to veterinary bills
February 2016 K9 Crusaders
- Monetary Donation via website
January 2016 Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue
- Monetary Donation via website
December 2016 Wonky Pets Rescue
- Monetary Donation via website
Happy Landings Animal Shelter
- Monetary Donation via website
October 2015 Blind Dog Rescue UK
- Monetary Donation via website
Mrs Murrays Cat & Dog Home
- Monetary Donation via website
August 2015 Silver Fox Dog Rescue
- Monetary Donation via website
 July 2015 Lion Guardians (in memory of Cecil)
- Monetary Donation via website
June 2015


Berwick Swan & Wildlife Trust 
- Virgin Money Giving

May 2015
National Search & Rescue Dog Association
- BT Giving
April 2015
The Rabbit Residence Rescue
- amazon wishlist.
March 2015 
Lost Souls Sanctuary 
- amazon wishlist.
February 2015
Guide Dogs for the Blind 
- microchipping a puppy.

February 2015

Camp Nibble
- online donation.