May 28, 2014 2 min read

We are now into Day 6 of Albie's RAW diet and so far things are going just fine. He does spit out the digestive enzyme if he realises it's there though, he is a clever little boy!

Yesterday after he went to the toilet I could see what looked like some undigested meat and there was also a very small amount of mucus which if you have a dog who suffers Colitis isn't entirely unusual, well not for Albie anyway. We will send the info to Dr Sarah just so that she is aware and can ask us to make any changes if necessary.

After our last post a few people contacted Albie on his twitter account to suggest that we remove the meat from the packaging to defrost rather than leaving it all neatly wrapped. Apparently this can help with the messiness although as expected we are getting used to it now.

The next puzzle to solve is how to feed a dog a RAW diet if on holiday! We always take Albie & Kizzie on holiday with us, sometimes driving up to 12 hours. To take enough 'sausages' for Albie, (and possibly Kizzie if we switch her over) will take a huge amount of room in our car and what could we put them in to keep them frozen for that much time? I will contact Honey's to ask them their advice, perhaps it is a case of feeding a home cooked meal for the duration of the holiday? No rush though, no holidays booked at the moment.

So how is Albie overall? Well, he took a homeopathic remedy prescribed by Dr Sarah around 3/4 weeks ago now and there is no denying that he is certainly more energetic, moving more freely and generally appears more happy. In fact he like one big puppy! He has started digging holes in our garden again, frequently brings us toys, is more affectionate and just seems a bit more relaxed. Yes his anxiety is still there but in the safety of his own home or when out in a quiet farmers field we walk in he is like a new dog. We have spent the last 18 months doing a lot of positive behaviour and training work with him and had noticed in the last few months he was becoming more attached to us but this really is a sudden and dramatic change. Things definitely feel good right now and to see how much fun Albie is having here is a little video we took of him playing his favourite game.... Football!

If you would like to know more about Digestive Enzymes watch this short video featuring Dr. Karen Becker sent to me by Kate Mallatratt, Contemplating Canines