May 28, 2014 2 min read

Introducing Fat Cat dog toys, a new addition to the Barks & Bunnies online pet shop that we think your dog is going to love!

Ever get bored of playing the same game? Staring at the same four walls? Well, make playtime great and prevent your dog getting bored with Fat Cat dog toys.

This range of brightly coloured and cheerful characters is like nothing we have ever seen before. Innovative designs with tough fabrics come together in the form of fun shapes, multi-textures and friendly characters that are like no other. 

Fat Cat Dog Toys UK | Barks & Bunnies

Andrew B -  "A Pawsome Toy, Have the fish Yada Yada, and it is Pawsome. Makes a wonderful fishy underwater noise. It's quite a calming interesting sound, not an annoying squeak. Hardwearing fabric that is brightlycoloured. Highly recommended."

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How about we show you a couple of our favourite toys? These are two of our top picks...

Fat Cat Yada Yada

No dog will be able to resist playing with a Fat Cat Yada Yada, available as a Dodo, Frog or Fish and each one makes a unique sound - no boring normal squeaks here!

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Fat Cat Gruntley

And what about the Fat Cat Gruntley, this grunting pig ensure hours of playful fun, our golden retriever Albie adores his! 

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Who are Fat Cat?

Fat Cat was born from a family tradition of exchanging handmade toys for all of their cats during the holidays. Eventually, this slapstick toy swap evolved into the much-anticipated Official Annual Cat Toy Contest!

Their mission is “We Make People & Pets Laugh!®” every single day.

As always, all of our dog toys are thoughtfully designed to be durable and fun for every dog! Can life get any better than that?!