May 31, 2014 2 min read

Albie had a great day out yesterday. The field we normally walk him in was being used as an overflow car park, so we had to find a different walk. Albie prefers his own space and company, he is quite shy around other dogs, so we try and find quiet places for him. We had spotted another field in the distance a little while back and today was the day to go and explore it!

Albies recall isn't the best, he is SO distracted by the big wide world that to get him to focus on us isn't that easy, but we are working hard to improve it and using a long line all the time to help reduce any mistakes! But since taking his homeopathic remedy he has been quite a different dog. We have noticed that along with a desire to be closer to us at home he wasn't quite so persistently rushing off to explore this new and exciting place but seemed happier to be nearer us while we all explored together. Leigh's arm was very grateful and it even allowed me to get a few photos of him!

Here he is looking around deciding where he wants to go next!

Then we found some long grass to have a play in. This field had definitely had sheep in it not so long ago, so we had to do a quick tick check after! At one point the grass was so tall we couldn't even see Kizzie!

On the way back to the car we found a nice big muddy puddle! I was too slow with the camera to get Albie in there but he had a good splash around, they do both just love the water!

But when we got back to the car Albie decided he really wasn't ready to go home, Kizzie of course knew a treat was on it's way and was in the car before we could even ask her to!

But then we reminded Albie that he had to help us deliver a parcel that he had helped us pack up earlier that morning. It was going to his friend on twitter @MarcyTheMoo she lives nearby so we offered to drop the parcel on our way, and Albie is such a diligent worker that quick enough he hopped in!

Here is our gorgeous little Kizzie having a bit of fun!