December 13, 2014 2 min read

Could our very own Albie really be Santa Paws?....

Albie's best friend on Twitter @merlynthecollie asked if Albie was Santa Paws, he was watching a christmas Disney movie called Santa Paws and couldn't help but notice a striking similarity....

Well Albie can keep some secrets.... but he does get very excited when it comes to Christmas and just couldn't contain himself any longer!

Proof Albie is Santa Paws!

For those in any doubt here is undeniable proof that Albie is, in fact, the true Santa Paws - an ID tag that says so, and who can argue with a dog ID tag!

(If you think your dog would like their own Christmas snowflake ID tag click here). 

(If you think your dog would like their own Christmas snowflake ID tag clickhere). 

Christmas Photoshoot

So to celebrate Christmas and show how wonderful a Santa Paws Albie is we took a few photos, and of course we couldn't leave Kizzie out, she is the best little helper that anyone could ask for and worked very hard all year sniffing out the best antlers to send when your order - it's her favourite job!

Here are some of our favourite photos; 

Albie ready for his Santa Paws responsibilities. This photo was even used by the national Guardian newspaper on their website to celebrate Small Business Saturday! Albie really is famous now, read here.

Kizzie enjoying a little winter sunshine

Kizzie ready to get up and help box parcels

Then they both got a little sleepy. They were so very, very patient with us, waiting while decorations were arranged and furniture moved.

Eventually though.... it all just got a bit too much and Albie sought the comfort of a cool floor underneath our table!

And Kizzie? Well she settled on the rug and posed for one of our favourite photos without even trying!

Happy Christmas one and all from everyone at Barks & Bunnies

(All photos were taken with the use of treats, a clicker and lots of breaks so they could pop outside and stretch their legs without getting bored.)