December 13, 2014 2 min read

If you chat with Albie on twitter you will know there is nothing he loves more than a trip to the beach. He comes alive when faced with the water and as soon as he is off lead he rushes straight to the water, turns around and waits for us to reach him.

What is so much fun? Throwing things into the water that he never finds! We can throw little piles of sand (in the opposite direction, ingestion of sand can be fatal to dogs) and he goes dashing off looking for it, a few seconds later his head lifts and he is ready for the next throw! To him, this is the best game ever! 

We sometimes throw bits of driftwood if we can find any, they are soft so pose no danger. He rushes into the sea, picks them up and chews them, spitting the bits out all the time he runs back to us, when back by our side the stick is gone, chewed into a hundred tiny, soggy, soft pieces floating in the sea!

So why was it a grand day out? Well we haven't managed to have a proper family holiday this year but to say thank you to Albie & Kizzie for all their hard work packing boxes we took them on a special day trip.

What did they find?.....

A beautiful walk, with stunning scenery.

View over the sea at Devon | Barks & Bunnies

and rocks to climb and sea to splash in!

Beach panorama at Devon | Barks & Bunnies

before taking a quick pit stop where Kizzie found a new favourite thing to do.....

Golden retriever dog standing on table in garden | Barks & Bunnies

They found some wildlife to look at..... they didn't mind the fact that the cows were so big!

Golden Retrievers look at field of cows | Barks & Bunnies

And Albie? well after all that splashing around and exploring he just couldn't keep awake any longer!

It certainly was a grand day out, and in Albie's mind even better than a Wallace & Gromit Grand Day Out!

We have promised to take him back to the beach soon.... and Kizzie.... we have promised her to buy a garden table just like the one she found!