February 13, 2015 3 min read

Some tags are great, shopping tags for example!

But not all tags are created equal... Skin tags, for example, are not at the same end of the feel good spectrum!

Not long after starting Albie's raw diet and homeopathic treatment we started to notice something. I remember clearly that I was sat on our sofa, the sun was out and Albie came over to sit beside me for a cuddle. My heart sank as I saw what I thought was a tick attached to his eyelid, his bottom lid to precise, at least it made a change I thought as when he was a puppy he had one tucked right into his eyebrow.

But my initial suspicions were wrong. It turned out to be a skin tag in the very early stages of growth.

Apart from the obvious interest about what it was that Albie's body was trying to tell us there was also a human interest in our perception of perfection. The majority of humans that I know like things to be perfect, including me! In fact I am probably one of the worst you could have the misfortune to meet (although only with neatness, I'm not bothered about anything else being perfect, in fact I prefer 'damaged' or 'wonky' I always tell Leigh "it adds character"!). 

But out of love it's quite common to want to remove things which are perceived to be a flaw or imperfection. Concern about the strange thing or what we believe to be 'damage' that we want to 'fix', especially when it affects something or someone that we love. But what if we stopped thinking of it as a negative? It's strange how we view things to be unfavourable when in reality a scar can be a constant reminder of a battle overcome, the happy memory of a scratch on a coffee table that happened when your rabbit jumped up on it to grab a bite of an apple (!) and a skin tag? A way that your body shows something is happening, a way of talking to us.

We have regular contact with Dr Sarah Steig who has been helping us with Albie's colitis. Every discussion held an in-depth conversation about the tag! Had it grown? how much by? had it changed colour?... it was endless! And none of the answers came easily as Albie didn't entirely appreciate me fiddling and peering so closely at his face/eye so I had to do the best I could by taking sneaky looks! Of course we were extremely vigilant, growths should always be closely monitored in case it turns out they are something sinister.

We took a photo diary so we could remember what it was like, the human brain has a habit of tricking you and allowing to remember things a little less accurately!

Several months later and despite a few moments of doubt from both Leigh and I (really just worry/panic thinking it was causing Albie discomfort but freaking out at the idea of having to take him to the vet!) it seems that everything is as it should be once again.

After just a couple of remedies carefully prescribed by Dr Sarah and a few months to allow them to work it Albie gave us our belated Christmas gift... we noticed the tag was shrinking and shrivelling, it began to resemble something like a raisin all in the space of 48 hours. We took him for a walk and by the time we got home it had dropped off. No mark left on his eye at all, and happily no tag!

Leigh and I have learnt about how to be more patient, and Albie? Well he is happier than ever. Switching to a raw diet and working with Dr Sarah has freed him, he gallops around on his walks looking more of a free spirit than ever before.

The raw food? He still adores it. Not a hint of him being bored, every meal it's the same routine, he hears the fridge door and runs into the kitchen so fast he is beside us before the food is even out of the fridge! He then sits and barks until it's in his bowl where it's hastily transferred to his tummy! Yes I could teach him to stop barking but I don't want to, I love seeing him enjoying his food and if he wants to bark for 10 seconds that's just fine with me!

Despite my initial cynisim about trying homeopathic treatment for Albie it seems.... well I may have to hold my hands up and admit I was wrong, so far it has given us everything we could have hoped for. Albie's personality seems free'd and flourishing, his health never better and his colitis.... what colitis?