March 28, 2019 2 min read

Anxiety can be hugely uncomfortable for your pet and highly distressing to watch as an owner. There are numerous factors that can cause your dog anxiety, including loud noises, unfamiliar settings and other animals in their space. Fortunately there are many ways to help support and relax your pet when they’re feeling anxious. 

Just like humans, exercise can be a great stress reliever for your pet but if a good walk and play doesn’t work then here are our top three alternative tips to treat your pet’s anxiety:

1. Use a ThunderShirt Jacket

The ThunderShirt jacket is a practical wrap for your dog to relieve anxiety. The jacket applies a gentle comforting pressure to your dog's body, giving them an instant calming sensation which helps relieve stress and ensures they feel comfortable. The jacket is a quick and easy way to help your pet - it's a bit like being cuddled all the time and who doesn't love a cuddle! The item is recommended by vets globally and there’s a 45-day guarantee, meaning if you’re not completely satisfied you can get your money back. Get your ThunderShirt here today.

2. Surround Them With Familiar Toys

Familiarity can calm dogs of a nervous disposition, making them feel reassured of their environment. If you’re taking them on a journey, or somewhere unfamiliar, then be sure to bring some of their most treasured toys along with them, and a bed to help them settle. You can get some great travel beds including one of our favourites, the Ruffwear Clear Lake blanket, for your pet to cuddle up to. 

3. Use Natural Remedies

We have a range of pet calming products to help your pet adjust and relax in difficult environments, including calming wipes, plug in diffusers and more. The Pet Remedy Calming Spray is a particularly useful product, helping relieve stress and anxiety immediately once dispensed. The spray is completely natural, containing a blend of oils including valerian and vetivert. The remedy is completely safe for use on your pets skin and coat so when sprayed directly on them it works effectively to de-stress your loved one.

Learn More About Pet Anxiety

At Barks & Bunnies our priority is to help support pet owners in bringing joy to their four-legged friends’ lives! Our team are always on hand to help you find the quickest and best way to relieve any stress for your pet. If you’re unsure which way is most suitable for your dog, speak to our experts today to find out the full range of anxiety products available.

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