March 11, 2019 2 min read

Here at Barks & Bunnies we’ve always got our nose to the ground to sniff out the very best natural dog treats for your pets! Delicious dog treats are an ideal way to reward your pet and cheer their day up. The mini-sized treats are perfectly formed for your pets to nibble on, without spoiling their appetite for main meals. There are a huge variety of treats out there on the market, meaning that choosing a tasty present for your dog can sometimes be difficult. We’ve picked out some of our favourite types of dog treats for your loveable companions below:

Cheese Dog Treats

Just like you, your dog can also enjoy the delights of cheese! We have a range of cheese-flavoured treats for your pet to enjoy, including the Lily’s Kitchen Organic Cheese & Apple which are traditionally baked and cut to a small size, making them perfect as behaviour aids for rewards during training. Cheese is a tasty source of calcium, so not only will your dog enjoy their reward but it's also healthy for them too. Shop the range of cheese treats here

Relaxing Dog Treats

Calm your pet’s anxieties and help them get a good night’s sleeps with our relaxing dog treats. Our calming range includes treats from Pooch & Mutt and Lily’s Kitchen. The Lily’s Kitchen bedtime treats are artisanal biscuits are made with delicious organic ingredients that will settle your pet into a peaceful slumber. These hand-baked biscuits don't contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients, making them naturally healthy. Order online now.

Vegetarian Dog Treats

For those who want their pets to adhere to a vegetable-based diet, we have the perfect range of tasty vegetarian treats. Soopa, Huxley Hound and Natural Way have created a range of flavours including beetroot, carrot, parsnips, sweet potato, kale and apple. Find your ideal meat-free treat, here.

Training & Behaviour Dog Treats

Reinforce your pet’s good behaviour and support with training with ideal mini treats. Brands such as Green & Wilds, Lily’s Kitchen, Natures Menu and more have created bite-sized treats that are ideal for training your pet. The delicious flavours, such as Ox Liver, will guarantee your pet will be eager to earn them in classes and at home! Pick up your training treats here.

Shop Our Range Of Pet Treats

Does your pet have a favourite treat we’ve not mentioned? Let us know - we’d love to hear from you! Our huge range of tasty treats includes natural dog treats, gourmet dog treats, healthy dog treats, luxury dog treats and more! Plus with brands including Green & Wilds, Huxley Hound Organic Dog Treats, The Innocent Hound, Betty Millers, Natures Menu, Pooch & Mutt and more, you’re guaranteed high quality food that’s healthy for your puppy or dog. Browse our collection now and pick out the ideal treat to reward your four-legged friend with today!