March 11, 2019 2 min read

If you’re dog is a strong chewer, or they get a little over-excitable, then it’s easy for them to accidentally break their favourite toy. Softer toys aren’t designed for rough play and can get broken easily, leading to disappointment and, in some cases, danger from small parts breaking away from the toy. Your pet may need a toy that’s a little more durable to chew down on - but don’t worry we’ve got your covered! Here are some of our top picks of dog toys that are extra-tough for your pet to enjoy:

Orbee Tuff Eggplant - Planet Dog

Share the fun with your pet with this toy resembling one of the most popular emojis! The Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Eggplant is an extra tough way to give your dog an extra dose of Vitamin Wag while they play. The tough toy is designed to last for a lifetime, which is why Planet Dog offer a satisfaction guarantee to provide a replacement or refund if your dog damages their toy. Find out more here.

Orbee Tuff Bone - Planet Dog

Shaped like a traditional bone, this Planet Dog extra tough accessory is a best-selling toy on the market globally.The toys scores a 3 out of 5 on the chompers scale, making it ideal for moderate chewers and, made from Planet Dog’s special Orbee-Tuff, the toy will never crack. Buy yours online now.

Zogoflex Bumi - West Paw Design

This versatile s-shape toy means that tug-of-war will be extra fun! As a super-stretchy accessory this toy is safe on the teeth - the flexible and durable rubber is gentle on your pet’sgums and teeths. Zogoflex provide a guarantee for their toys with a one-time replacement if yours gets damaged. Order yours now.

Orbee Tuff Strobe Globe - Planet Dog

An extra-strong toy for use all year-round, the strobe globe scores a 5 out of 5 on the chomper durability scale. With its exciting multi-sensory glowing and flashing features, the toy can be used day or night and is guaranteed to last for a lifetime of fun. When the strobe hits a hard surface a multi-coloured LED light will start blinking - with a life of 200 hours, that’s over 36,000 throws! Get your globe today.

Zogoflex Jive - West Paw Design 

Built to last, the Zogoflex Jive is one of the world’s most durable ball toys for pets. The ball is playful and contains a unique design that gives it an unpredictable bounce - keeping any dog hot on their paws during playtime. West Paw Design have created the ball to fit in most standard-sized ball throwers, giving your pet that extra challenge during fetch. Pick from a range of bright colours, here.

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Whether you want an extra-tough toy for your pets to chew on, or something a little softer and more flexible, we have the perfect accessory for you! Our range of dog toys include soft, floating, squeaky and LED toys, guaranteed to bring your pet bundles of joy. Shop our range of accessories today to relieve boredom for your four-legged friend. View the collection here.