October 18, 2018 3 min read

As firework season approaches, you may be worried about your dogs and other pets. The period of time around Bonfire night can be a stressful one for households with animals but we’re on hand to give you a range of advice on how to protect your four legged friend from any stress and still manage to enjoy the festivities! 


Top Tops For Reassuring Your Pets In Fireworks Season 

#1 Get A One-Stop-Solution

Brand new for 2018, the Pet Remedy Party Survival Pack uses a clinically-proven blend of valerian and vetivert to provide you with everything you need to get your pet through the anxious time of fireworks season. The kit, which contains diffusers, spray and calming wipes, won best product award at the prestigious pet trade show PATS Telford - giving it a stamp of approval from the industry. Get yours here.

#2 Go Natural With Calming Spray

Using the Pet Remedy Calming Spray relives stress and anxiety in pets and begins to work immediately once dispensed - plus it’s completely natural. The spray works on all pets, so you can use it for your other household family members like rabbits, particularly those in hutches outside who may be scared by the loud bangs. Completely safe to use on your pet’s coat or skin, the spray is supported by over 3000 veterinary clinics across the UK. It’s designed to give off a pleasant and balanced aroma, making it non-invasive to the comfort of your home environment. Order your spray here today.

#3 Use A Herbal Remedy For Relief

Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian tablets are made from a blend of natural ingredients like Valerian, Mistletoe, Scullcap and Gentian. These properties combine to work in harmony to de-stress your pets, without the need for sedation. The tablets work on a mid to long-term basis, so for a particularly stressful event you should begin giving the tablets around ten days before for maximum effect. Orders yours well in advance, here.

#4 Clothe Them In A Practical (And Fashionable) Wrap

The Thundershirt is an effective wrap that works by applying gentle comforting pressure to your pet’s body which delivers an instant calming sensation. The jacket also comes with a handy spray patch, if you wish to team it up with other remedies like the relaxing spray. The jacket is recommended by experts for the reassuring body contact it creates - mimicking a constant cuddle that will calm your dog right down! Plus, there’s a 45-day money back guarantee to put your mind at rest. It’s also perfect for owners who are apprehensive about giving their dogs any medication for their anxiety. Find out more here.

#5 Nothing Beats The Personal Reassurance For Your Pet

Comforting your beloved four legged friend is vital during the onset of fireworks - if a dog hears your voice soothing them and gets attention from you in those pivotal moments, they’re much more likely to calm down faster. We were lucky enough to get a range of reassurance advice from Angela, Polite Paws Dog Training's Specialist, in a blog post some months ago. To read the blog in full and pick up more advice on practical tips for comforting your pet during the firework season, click here.


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