October 18, 2018 3 min read

Autumn has arrived and the fall is the perfect season for idyllic dog walks! As the weather cools you and your pet can begin to enjoy exploring the outdoors without the worry of hot sunshine or heat stroke. But as winter approaches and the nights draw in with cold frosty mornings how can you make sure that you keep your dog happy, protected and able to enjoy the outdoors in full? Read some of our top tips below to get the most from the colder months:


Tips For Enjoying Winter With Your Dog:

#1 Outfit Them In A Winter Coat From Ruffwear

Wrap up your four legged friend and keep them warm with a thick winter coat. There are a huge range of dog coats suitable for winter, including knitted styles, padded coats and waterproof jackets from brands like Ruffwear and Danish Design. Shop the collections here to find a stylish piece for your pet.

#2 Dry Them Off Quickly

Despite the cold, dogs are still prone to heading straight for the water! During the winter it’s important to make sure that your pet is dried-off thoroughly, and quickly, to make sure they don’t catch a chill. With increased rainfall, and muddy paths increasing the need to bath your pet, it’s likely that your four legged friend will be getting wet even if they don’t head straight for the lake! Our Henry Wag Microfibre Towels are great for cleaning and drying your pets quickly. Get yours now.

#3 Keep Them Calm During The Party Season

The colder months brings bonfire night, Christmas and New Year - and plenty of fireworks. Loud bangs are one of the biggest causes of pet anxiety. Try using the classic Thundershirt, a wrap which provides gentle pressure to mimic the calming effects of a cuddle. The Thundershirt is recommended by veterinary practices across the country and even comes with a useful spray patch for owners who want to use additional remedies to calm their anxiety. See the Thundershirt, here. Or use a natural remedy, like the Pet Calming Spray. Order your spray here today.

#4 Don’t Let The Dark Nights Stop Playtime

Don’t lose your pets favourite toys in the darkness! Glow in the dark dog toys are ideal for the winter months. Plus they’re durable, which means you can use them all year round! Shop our range of glow dog toys here today.

#5 Keep Them Safe With High Vis

Walking in the dark can be dangerous and, with nights so short during winter, there’s a high chance that most of your dog strolls will be taken under the cover of darkness. As a walker you can wear a high visibility jacket to keep yourself visible to motorists, but you can also equip your dog with a high vis fluorescent jacket to give them that extra visibility too. LED collars and lights act as an essential accessory and can shine to draw attention to your pet on the pavement, preventing any accidents. Get your LED collar and lights, here.


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