September 19, 2017

With so many Ruffwear dog coats to choose from which all offer incredible doggy friendly features how do you choose the best for your dog?

Ruffwear dog coats can broadly be separated into the following two categories;

  1. Winter dog coats
  2. Seasonal dog coats

On this blog page we will display a quick comparison guide to demonstrate all the key features of each individual Ruffwear dog coat focusing on warm winter jackets and seasonal coats.

The great news is that with a Ruffwear dog coat you are guaranteed premium quality, durability, practicality, and designs that put your dog's comfort at the forefront of every design.

Don't forget each coat comes with it's own Ruffwear Trail Tested Promise too - details here.

    Ruffwear Winter Dog Coats

    If we examine the winter dog coats first it is clear that there is a variety of designs ready to help your dog's walking experience in cold weather be the best that it can possibly be.

    The quick comparison guide below will help you easily distinguish the differences between each coat and to see what features will best suit your needs, whether that is waterproof fabrics, insulated full coverage or soft fleeces.

    Don't forget we often like to road test the products ourselves with our dogs and so you can see Kizzie testing the Ruffwear Fernie coat here.

    In fact, between both our dogs Albie and Kizzie we have one of each coat with only the K9 Overcoat missing from our collection so if you want any personal advice from our own experiences please feel free to contact us.

    (click the chart below to open a larger view)

    Ruffwear Seasonal Dog Coats

    Sometimes you just need a dog coat to get you through a specific short period of time, a season that is like no other with dark winter nights or spring rains.

    Ruffwear are a family of dog owners themselves and they know what apparel can help get you through the seasons safely and in comfort.

    The seasonal dog coat range includes lightweight waterproof coats and high visibility clothing for additional safety. Many of the seasonal dog coats can be layered with warmer winter coats to give your dog the ultimate outdoor performance gear for any weather conditions.

    The handy, quick comparison guide below gives you a snapshot of the features provided by each coat to help you understand which is best suited to your dog's needs.

    What next?

    The comparison guides above should help you to select the right coat for your dog.

    We try to ensure all our product descriptions are comprehensive but if you want to know more about any of the features or need assistance measuring your dog we are here to help, just contact us via the web form on our contact page here.

    Click here to view the complete Ruffwear collection