October 15, 2017 2 min read

With so many great Ruffwear dog boots to choose from that all offer incredible doggy friendly features how do you choose the best for your dog?

Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots | Barks & Bunnies

Ruffwear dog boots can be separated into the following three categories;

  1. All Season
  2. Wet Weather
  3. Cold Weather

In this blog we will give you a quick comparison guide to demonstrate the key features of all Ruffwear dog boots. The great news is that with all styles of Ruffwear dog boots you are guaranteed premium quality, durability, practicality, and something that has been designed to put your dog's comfort at the fore.

Don't forget each set of boots comes with it's own Ruffwear Trail Tested Promise too - details here.

    Ruffwear Dog Boots

    If we examine each set of boots it is clear that they are all tailored for a specific environment to support your dog. You wouldn't wear your work shoes when going out for a trek in the snow, would you? and it is this type of logic that applies when selecting the right boots for your dog, they should have the right boots for the right situation just like you.

    Ruffwear Polar Trex dog Boots | Barks & Bunnies

    The quick comparison guide below will help you easily distinguish the differences between each set of boots so you can see which ones best suit your dog's needs, whether that is waterproof, insulated or all season.

    Our golden retriever Albie has a set of original Ruffwear Grip Trex boots that we use when we go on holiday walking or to the beach. He tends to get painfully sore and red paws from the rocks and stones so paw protection for him is a real must and did we mention he's a bit of an explorer?! Without his boots he wouldn't be able to get out and enjoy the excitement of his new surroundings, his Grip Trex boots literally save his (and our) holiday!

    If you want any personal advice from our own experiences please feel free to contact us.

    (click the chart below to open a larger view)

    Ruffwear Dog Boots Comparison Guide | Barks & Bunnies

    What next?

    The comparison guide above should help you to select the right boots for your dog. Simply download and print the Ruffwear Paw Measurement chart and measure your dog's paws. Note: Please check your print out with a ruler to ensure that the scale is correct. For best results set scale to 100%

    We try to ensure all our product descriptions are comprehensive but if you want to know more about any of the features or need assistance measuring your dog we are here to help, just contact us via the web form on our contact page here.

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