The Hay Experts

Alfalfa Nibbles

The Hay Experts Alfalfa Nibbles is a bumper bag of deliciousness blending pieces of the alfalfa plant (stem and leaf) for your small animals to enjoy as part of a mixed healthy diet.

There is no doubt that rabbits, guinea pigs and others just LOVE alfalfa, and fed sparingly as a treat for adult animals it can be a very tasty addition to their diet and is high in fibre too.

Designed to be fed to your small animals in treat quantities it can be sprinkled on hay, in pellets or amongst other leaves or food for some foraging fun helping keep boredom at bay!

Who should eat it? 

Alfalfa is important for young ones as it's a great source of calcium for growing bones. It's also great for the elderly and those ill or recovering from illness/surgery as it can often help with stimulating eating, and can help with fibre intake when eating is a problem.

Alfalfa is not suitable for those with bladder or kidney issues due to it's high calcium, and it should only be fed as a treat to adults, but can be fed more to the young, and fed as appropriate to those in recovery. 

    Pack size: 170g

    Ingredients:Alfalfa Stem & Leaf

    Typical analysis: crude fibre: 31.3%. High in calcium