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An Andy Bag of Anchovies

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Green & Wilds An Andy Bag of Anchovies are a fishy dog treat containing only 100% air dried Golden Anchovies. 

These 'andy little anchovies are a great snack for any sized dog.

High in Omega 3

Gluten-free and high in Omega 3 these Green & Wilds natural dog treats can stimulate the growth of bone structure and help provide a beautiful shiny coat.

Nutritional Benefits

They are an extremely rich source of the highly beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids.  In addition, they are protein-rich and high in calcium, iron and other minerals.

Air Dried & Nutritious

The Anchovies are air dried before being packed to retain all that fishy goodness for your dog maximising proteins, oils and vitamins which help to build and maintain your dog's health.

Sustainably Sourced

Using only fish from ethical, responsible sources the Green & Wilds Anchovies are caught in sustainably caught in European waters, mostly the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Natural Ingredients

Green & Wilds believe in truly natural healthy chews and treats with ingredients you and your dog can trust. Using only responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients these treats contain no rubbish, no fibs, and no compromises!

Who are they for?

Green & Wilds Anchovies are suitable for all dogs and puppies from 3 months.

    Additional Information

    Ingredients:  100% Anchovies

    Composition: Protein: 66 %, Moisture 11.5 %, Ash 16.1 %, Fibre 0.1%

    Pack size 50g