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Green & Wilds Easy Antler chews are naturally shed and responsibly sourced from Grade A and AA Red Deer found mainly in the Scottish Highlands.

These softer chews are hand cut lengthways to expose the tasty nutritious inner antler marrow which makes Easy Antler Chews ideal for older dogs or lazy chewers because they don't have to work too hard! 

Because of the special lengthways cut, the Green & Wilds antlers are quite unique and it's this that makes them suitable and popular for puppies too.

Antler has some unique and proven benefits to your dog's health and wellbeing including being high in natural minerals and nutrients, improving circulation, reducing cholesterol, aiding the immune system and strengthening bones, muscles and joints.

These are a premium quality antler responsibly sourced and naturally shed from the very best deer. 

Each antler is hand washed in pure water, and then hand sanded to smooth all the edges. Then every chew is hand checked for quality and labelled, all here in the UK, in Green & Wild's own facility.


  • Ideal for older dogs or lazy chewers
  • High in natural minerals and nutrients
  • Helps improve circulation and metabolism, reduces cholesterol
  • Strengthens bone structure, muscles and joints
  • Maintains healthy cells, aids the immune system
  • Helps prevent inflammation from arthritic conditions
  • Helps prevent boredom and saves your shoes!
  • Naturally shed from free ranging deer

Size Guide 

This is a natural product and the size selected should be chosen according to your dog's weight as indicated in the guide below.

Small - 0-5kg (puppies over 12 weeks)

Medium - 5-10kg

Large - 11-25kg

X Large - 26-40kg

Easynormous - 26-40kg

Additional Information

Like any dog chew your dog should be supervised when in use. Please remove once all the inner marrow has been consumed. Ensure you buy an appropriately sized chew for your dog and monitor to ensure your dog is gnawing on the antler and not trying to break it or bite it.

See it in action - watch the video

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