The Hay Experts

Aronia Berries

The Hay Experts Aronia Berries are not only a superfood but also provide little pockets of berry-licious flavour that is impossible for your little-ones to resist!

This bag of wrinkly little dried things might look a little unimpressive (!) but the old saying of 'never judge a book by it's cover' has never been more true.

High in Antioxidants

Aronia Berries are excellent at supporting normal resistance to disease and this relatively unknown berry is adored by all small animals but especially by rabbits.


Every bag is hand sorted to ensure optimal quality for your little-ones and you can be certain three are no hidden nasties, just 100% natural Aronia Berries which have been dried to provide a long lasting treat.

Forage Fun

For a boredom busting game why not hide a few in your small animals hay boxes and watch as they dig them out!

Additional Information

Pack size:70g

Ingredients:Aronia Berries

Typical analysis:fibre 17.8%, ash 11.8%, moisture 12%