Audible Beacon USB Safety Light

Designed with the visually impaired and blind community in mind, the Ruffwear Audible Beacon LED Light inspires confidence by helping people and dogs be seen.

Audible Alerts

This safety light uses audible signals to indicate on/off, low battery, charging, and charge complete.

An audible reminder beeps every 10 minutes while Beacon is on and every 5 minutes in low battery mode.


The Audible Beacon is waterproof and rechargeable, using bright LED lights to boost visibility in all directions. A silicone mount attaches easily and securely to guide dog harnesses and canes, and the Quick Clip™ can clip to backpacks, coats, or other gear.  

USB Rechargeable

The 280mAh LiPo battery is rechargeable with the included 15 cm micro USB cable and has an estimated charge time of 1.5 hours.

Make your adventures with your canine companion a little bit brighter with the Ruffwear Beacon.

Estimated Battery Life

With up to 12 hours of run-time, the Audible Beacon is a dependable added layer of safety for both dog and handler.

Trail Tested Guarantee

Trail Tested Guarantee (details here)


One size only.

Dimensions L x W x H
45 x 42 x 25 mm