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Green & Wilds Beef Hearties natural dog treats are irresistible and 100% naturally air-dried to hold in all the goodness.

Your dog won't be able to resist the smell of these large gourmet dog treats which are packed full of protein an important building block for their bones, muscles, cartilage and skin. 

Gluten free and ethically sourced these Beef Hearties don't just help build bone strength but they also help make enzymes, hormones and other important body chemicals to care for your dog's general wellbeing.

There are no hidden additives, gluten or other nasties and the air drying process used by Green & Wilds ensures every bag of Beef Hearties retains their nutrients and flavour making for a truly woofalicious treat!

Suitable for all dogs but these dog treats are especially suitable for any dogs with sensitive digestion and senior dogs.

And why not sprinkle any crumbs left in the bag (if there are any!) onto your dogs food for an extra special treat! 


  • Made from 100% Beef heart
  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion
  • Suitable for senior dogs
  • No additives
  • Air dried 
  • Gluten free 
  • Suitable for dogs from 3 months

Additional Information

140g weight

Ingredients: 100% Beef Heart

Nutritional Analysis: Crude protein 56.80%, Crude fat 32.30%, Humidity 12%

These dog treats are quite large in size.

Category: Meat Dog Treats

Type: Dog Treats