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Black Sunflower Seed

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Extra Select Black Sunflower Seeds provide wild birds with the fats and energy they need.

A particular favourite food for many garden birds including tits and finches they have unusually thin shells making them easier to crack for smaller birds.

The Extra Select wild bird food range provides something for everyone, from the occasional feeder to the serious hobbyist.

High oil Content

This is high oil black sunflower which has also been selected and correctly harvested to produce the maximum oil content.

Extra Shiny for Easy Visibility

Our black oil sunflower seeds are screened, graded and then a little vegetable oil is added to give them extra shine so the birds can spot them more easily! (It’s true!) plus they are absorbing nutrients even as they remove the husks to get at the seeds themselves.

How to Feed?

Best fed from any standard bird feeder, table mixed in with fat balls (if you make your own) and some even feed them from peanut feeders.

Additional Information

Composition: 100% Black Sunflower Seeds

Analysis: Protein 24%, Fat 48%, Starch 20%, Ash 4%