Chew Tube

We love the Rosewood Chew Tubes for their versatility and affordability.

Available in different sizes each one brings something of it's own to your rabbits and small animals. It might look like a boring (albeit colourful) cardboard tube but with a little extra zing becomes a fun hay rack or somewhere to hide treats.

Depending on your pet's size and the tube size your small animals will be able to enjoy scurrying through their new toy satisfying that natural tunnel instinct. But each tube can be enjoyed by all small animals regardless of size and that's why we love them.

Stuff a Rosewood Chew Tube full of hay packing in as much as you can and maybe even sprinkle some herbs in too, then watch your rabbits and small animals have a challenging fun time to get all the hay and herbs they can so easily smell tempting them!


  • Versatile toy with multiple uses
  • Bright and colourful
  • Enriches environment
  • Satisfies your pet's desire to seek shelter and gnaw.
  • Made from safe vegetable parchment.

Size Guide

Small 15cm x 7cm (hamsters)

Medium 22.5 x 11cm (rats)

Large 22.5 x 13cm (guinea pig)

X-Large 30 x 21.5 (rabbit)