The Hay Experts

Chicory Root

It might not sound like your typical treat but The Hay Experts Chicory Root is adored by rabbits and small animals. Our own bunny Chuzzlewit is a true fan, it's a real favourite for him!

Giving your rabbits and small animals a varied diet is so important for their overall health and wellbeing and a hand sorted bag of Chicory Root is a great place to start.

Chicory Root contains inulin which is considered to be a natural prebiotic that can help support your little-ones digestion.

Each bag contains pieces in varying sizes, some ideal to be fed by hand but also that can be sprinkled around your small animals home or hay boxes for added exercise and mental stimulation.


  • Hand sorted to ensure quality
  • Suitable for most small animals
  • Helps reduce boredom when used for foraging
  • Natural source of inulin
  • 100% natural
  • Believed to support digestion due its natural probiotic qualities

Additional Information

Pack size: 80g

Ingredients:Chicory Root

Typical analysis: fibre 10.8%