Beco Pets

Classic Bamboo Bowl - Fresh Mint

Feeding dinner to your pet is now not only enjoyable for them but for you too with these eco-friendly Beco pet bowls designed to inspire and satisfy.

These understated bowls are perfect for contemporary living and a must for anyone trying to make a 'green swap' reducing your carbon footprint by finding an environmentally friendly alternative.

Designed in an uplifting mint shade as fresh as the crispy mint that inspired it.

Sustainable Materials

With its classic and simple design, this sustainably made bamboo food and water bowl sits comfortably in any home. No plastic!


Each eco-friendly material has been sourced and chosen for the unique properties they bring to create a stylish durable pet bowl while caring for the environemnt too;

  • Bamboo - is incredibly strong and grows in abudnacne, absorbing 35x more carbon than trees.
  • Cornstarch - a compostable material converted into polymers that has the strength of plastic without the environmental impact
  • Rice Husks - a by product of rice growers, they are mixed with bamboo and natural rubber to reinforce and strngthen the final product

Size Guide

External Diameter/Capacity

S - 15cm | Capacity - 0.8L
L - 18.5cm | Capacity - 1.65L