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The Clix 10m Long Line by Company of Animals is a fabulous training aid when teaching your dog a reliable recall.

Using this lead you can allow your dog to have a little more freedom but ensure that they always come back to you when asked (this should be done with the use of high-value rewards and not by dragging them back to you).

Because the recall the command is always successful it will help increase the reliability of the recall. 

The Clix Long Line is made with a soft padded material in a strong webbed design. As your training progresses you will be able to leave the lead trailing on the ground and only hold it to 'proof' your recall if needed.


  • 10m long
  • Soft fabric with strong webbing
  • Additional security while still allowing comfort
  • No danger of a break mechanism failing
  • Increases reliability of recall
  • Assists with training
  • Can be used in conjunction with ACME whistles
  • Ideal for use with a back clipping dog harness 

Additional Information

Kate Mallatratt of Contemplating Canines says;

“Some breeds are harder to recall train than others. These breeds tend to have a genetic predisposition that makes their environment highly stimulating – such as hounds following a scent. Long lines can make recall training easier, as your dog is unable to practice running off and having fun without you. During adolescence a dog’s environment naturally becomes more interesting than Mum or Dad, and a long line can be useful in some environments for a short time to avoid your dog honing his hunting skills.

Practice, practice, practice your recall as often if not more than you practice your sits!”

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