Conficlean2 Complete Ready To Use High Level Disinfectant

Conficlean2 is a new and improved disinfectant system that is kind to hands and non-staining, and possesses powerful cleansing properties in addition to its strong disinfection ability.

It is a unique formula that provides a one-stop system that cleans and disinfects.

Effective Against MRSA

Proven fully effective against MRSA and many viruses and bacteria including calici virus and bordatella bronchiseptia (kennel cough)

Safe on Fabrics & All surfaces

Use in houses (floors etc) rugs, overalls, clothes towels and bedding plus your pets hutches, run areas, foodbowls, toys, tables and litter trays, grooming equipment, etc 

Safe on all surfaces and fabrics and kind to skin. Non staining. Do not apply directly to your pets..

How To Use

Apply to the surface, equipment or fabric to be cleansed and disinfected and leave to dry, for badly soiled areas it can be rubbed in.

Want Something Stronger?

Formula H is a broader spectrum surface disinfectant which is also pet safe.

Note: we recommend use of Conficlean2 in combination with Formula H to treat areas where E-Cunniculi is of concern due to the stronger disinfection properties of Formula H.

    Additional Information

    500ml bottle, ready to use spray.