Conficlean2 Complete

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Conficlean2 Complete by Petlife is a ready to use disinfectant and cleansing system for use with all pets that is non-toxic and odourless.  

The powerful cleansing properties work together with the strong disinfectant to create a non-staining solution that is proven to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

Fully effective against MRSA the Conficlean 2 Complete spray is also proven against viruses such as bordatella bronchiseptia (kennel cough), aspergillus niger and calici virus.

Confilcean 2 Complete can be used in multiple areas including hutches, plastic dog beds, rugs/blankets, kennels, run areas, food bowls, toys, carriers and all living accommodation.

This is a ready to use spray that is safe for use on all surfaces and materials, even skin. 

We recommend use of Conficlean2 in combination with Formula H to treat areas where E-Cunniculi is of concern.


  • One stop system cleans and disinfects 
  • Proven fully effective against MRSA 
  • Proven against viruses such as calici virus
  • Proven against bacteria such as bordatella bronchiseptia (kennel cough)
  • Proven against fungi such as Aspergillus Niger
  • Safe on all surfaces and materials, even skin
  • Does not contain aldehydes

Additional Information

500ml bottle, ready to use spray.