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Conficlean2 Anti-Microbial Foam Hand Scrub

With residual effects of approximately 1-2 hours  and effective immediately on washing Conficlean2 Foam Hand Scrub is an anti-microbial foaming and powerful skin cleansing disinfectant which is more effective than soap.

Long-Lasting Hand Disinfectant

Anti-microbial foaming scrub with residual effects of approximately 1-2 hours that is more powerful than soap.

We also sell Conficlean2 Foam Hand Rub for use when water is not available.

Anti-Microbial Cleanser

This anti-microbial cleanser in test EN1276 rapidly killed many viruses and bacteria including (Parvo, Calicci and others) as well as Ecoli, psuedomonas (bacteria causing lung infections) staphylococcus aureus (usually found in upper respiratory tract), Enterococcus, Parvo Virus, Calicci Virus. 

Foams For Maximum Effectiveness

Formulated to produce a stable foam when dispensed it maximises efficacy and economy.

Skin Cleaning Disinfectant

Containing a powerful blend of single medium chain length and double long chain length cationic biocides, formulated with non-ionic detergents, emollients and pH regulators this is a foaming powerful skin cleansing disinfectant which is non-irritant and does not de-grease the skin.

Kind To Hands

The unique formula of Conficlean2 Hand Scrub is kind to the hands, non-corrosive, and does not stain.

Bottle Size 500ml