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Nature First Country Blossom Bedding

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The Nature First Country Blossom Bedding is a complementary feed for all small animals to enjoy as they explore the comforts of their home.

Combining a delicious and healthy blend of natural flowers, leaves and dried grasses it's perfect to spread around a favourite resting place to create a cosy, fragrant and edible environment!

Health Benefits

This delicious bumper bag of irresistible edibles all from your small animals' natural environment is bursting with health benefits including a high fibre content.

The raspberry leaves boast high fibre levels while the Mallow flowers provide an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect and for an extra boost the nettle and dandelion leaves give beneficial levels of Vitamins A, B, C, D and K. 

Bumper Bag

Imagine your rabbit's favourite bag of herbs, or dried flowers, then imagine taking a handful of each and adding it to some delicious dried grass to make one huge big bumper bag of tasty dried forage - well that's what you will find inside each pack of Nature First Country Blossom Bedding.

Endless handfuls of grass, nettle, hibiscus, dandelion, raspberry, marigold, rose and cornflowers await your much loved pet.

Boredom Busting

While this can't really be used as the only bedding in your little ones home we would recommend adding it to their favourite hay forage box or popping some inside a little hideaway so that your rabbit has added interest helping prevent boredom.


  • 100% natural
  • Bumper bag (10 litres)
  • Contains leaves, flowers and grass
  • High in fibre

Additional Information

Ingredients Dried Grass, Nettle Leaf, Hibiscus Flowers, Dandelion Leaf, Raspberry Leaf, Marigold Flowers, Rose Flowers, Cornflowers

Composition Crude protein 12%, crude fats & oils 2%, crude fibre 18%, crude ash 3%

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