Dogsee Crunch Freeze Dried Apple

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Dogsee Crunch freeze-dried apple dog treats contain just one single ingredient... real apples and nothing else, no long ingredient list where half the things you've never heard of, just healthy and delicious apple.

Gluten Free

Just delicious fruit, no gluten or grain.

Great For Skin & Coat

The Vitamin A in these treats helps keep your dog skin healthy and coat shiny, and the Vitamin C helps boost immunity. 

Other Benefits

These can help by contributing to healthy skin and shiny coat and help boost immunity and aid digestion.

    Additional Information

    Ingredients; Only Apples and nothing else.

    Analytical Constituents: Protein - 2.1%, Dietary Fiber - 12.7%, Fat - 3.7%, Moisture - 3.6%, Ash - 0.02%

    Size Guide

    approx 10g total weight