Dogsee Play Treatoy

Heat, Treat & Repeat! The Dogsee Play Treatoy is a fun non-toxic chew toy for dogs which is gentle on their gums and can even help clean their teeth.

This new, innovative toy is a first, simply stuff it with the supplied 100% Himayalayan cheese chew, pop it all in the microwave and then give it to your dog to enjoy!

Naturally Relaxing

Chewing and licking is a natural behaviour for dogs that can release endorphins thereby reducing stress and anxiety. 

How to Use

Heat, Treat & Repeat!

Stuff the toy with your supplied treat nugget, pop it in the microwave for 45-60 seconds and watch as the chew puffs up then give it to your dog once cooled. Repeat again and again!

Each toy is supplied with a delicious Himalayan Cheese chew which is broken into 6 small pieces which can be stuffed inside the toy to increase the fun.

NOTE: Please do not give the nugget to your dog without puffing it first.


Made with human grade non-toxic materials (Bisphenol-A free).

Dental Health

The carefully constructed edges of the toy ensure your dog’s teeth are cleaned and plaque-free. The smooth texture cares for your best friend's mouth and gums.


Refills are available from Dogsee so your dog can enjoy their treat again and again.

Additional Information

Colour supplied will vary, if you have a preference please include a note at the checkout and we will do our best, if unavailable we will ask Albie our golden retriever to choose you something else.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

This is a treat and should be fed as such.

Composition; Yak and/or cheese milk, lime juice, salt

Analytics; crude protein 60%, crude fat 1.5%, calcium 2.15%, ash 5.5%, moisture 13%