Green & Wilds

Eco-Insect Pumpkin & Beetroot Bakes

Green & Wilds Eco-Insect Bakes with pumpkin, beetroot and sweet potato are not only good for your dog, but they are also super great for the environment.


These treats are high in quality protein, but at a fraction of the environmental impact of other protein sources.

Insect protein production uses 92% less land, 99% less water and produces 99.96% less greenhouse gasses compared to beef farming!

Nutritional Benefits

High in vitamins C and A which promotes healthy skin, coat, eyes nerves and muscles for your dog.

They also contain essential Iron and Potassium.

Vegan & Sustainable

Vegan friendly plant based treats, good for your dog, good for the environment – Yay!!!

Natural Ingredients

Green & Wilds believe in truly natural healthy chews and treats with ingredients you and your dog can trust. Using only responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients these treats contain no rubbish, no fibs, and no compromises!

Who are they for?

Green & Wilds Bag of Tiddlers are suitable for all dogs and puppies from 3 months.

    Additional Information

    Ingredients: Potato, mealworms (25%), sweet potato, beetroot, black soldier fly larvae (5%), carrot, celery, pumpkin

    Composition: Raw protein 22.9%; raw fat 6.8%; raw fibre 4.2%; raw ash 4.5%; calcium 0.21%; phosphor 0.33%