Barks & Bunnies

Pet Emergency Contact Card

The Barks & Bunnies Pet Emergency Contact Card gives you peace of mind that in the event of an unexpected situation someone will be alerted to your pets being home alone and needing care.

How it works

Keep the Emergency Contact Card in your purse/wallet and if you are unable to speak for yourself your emergency carer will be able to contact the person you have requested to be notified to care for your pets.

Credit Card Size

Made to a standard business card size which should fit most standard credit card slips in any purse/wallet in 300gsm paper which can be written on using a biro style pen.


  • Notify the professionals/emergency services
  • Provides details of first response carers
  • Standard business card size fits most wallets
  • 300gsm paper
  • Write on it in most standard biros

Size Guide

8.5cm x 5.5cm

PLEASE NOTE - this product does not constitute any legally binding contract between you or your nominated carer.