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Emily Brontosaurus

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Fluff & Tuff Emily Brontosaurus is a real sweetheart with a big appetite... for adventure! Her long neck and strong tail are ready for all kinds of play, taking fun and friendship to new heights.

Why Fluff & Tuff?

These delightful toys are made to be more durable increasing the hours of play and fun for your dog but it's not all just about being tougher. The real magic of Fluff & Tuff is in the actual mouth-feel for your dog whether that's the floppy legs, tuggable tail or satisfying hold as they grab the well stuffed body.


Generally speaking it can be worth considering a plush toy which is rounder and has less (or no) limbs or appendages. However, some dogs love their Fluff & Tuff toys so much that we have customers who buy them regularly because their dogs seem to value them so much it's the only toy they don't chew!

If you are unsure please don't hesitate to contact us. 

What makes Fluff & Dog toys so tough? 

Fluff & Tuff dog toys are made with superior fabrics, generously folded, double-stitched concealed seams, securely stitched eyes, long-lasting squeakers encased in sewn fabric pouches, and a thickfabricmesh liner that reinforces the outer luxury plush fabrics. That being said, these toys are NOT guaranteed. 

Safe & Non-Toxic

For your peace of mind and dog's safety Fluff & Tuff toys are independently tested, double-scanned for any kind of metal object, and are guaranteed to be made out of high-quality, non-toxic materials.

    Always supervise your dog’s play time. While these toys are more durable, they are still plush toys – not chew toys – and therefore are not indestructible.  

    Size Guide

    Approximately 18" 

    Fluff & Tuff Toy Size - Large