Flinging Fun Corn

The Rosewood Boredom Breaker Flinging Fun Corn is a super-sized toy  complete with a hanging loop that brings a challenging and fun toy to your little ones home. 

Each vegetable is sized to a whopping 21cm ensuring these giant veggies are sure to bring a bumper load of fun to your rabbits and small animals.

Made from corn leaf and rattan which is then coloured with pet-safe colours it's perfect for your rabbits and small animals to chew, toss, nibble and destroy!

The best bit? It can be hung in your pets home to encourage them to stretch and reach for their toy providing added interest and extra boredom-busting exercise.

    Additional Information

    Each toy approx 21cm long. 

    Please note that the dye is completely pet safe however may run so please keep away from soft furnishings.