Formula H Disinfectant

Petlife Formula H is a broad spectrum, high-grade disinfectant used extensively by the veterinary profession to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi in a variety of environments. 

NOTE This is specifically a disinfectant and should be used to disinfect an area after cleaning with a separate cleaning solution (for example Conficelan 2 here).

Effective Against Viruses

Formula H is a safe, economical disinfectant. It is effective at killing airborne viruses at regular intervals and if used to clean flooring can help prevent spread by footwear.

Environmentally friendly and pet safe disinfectant is strong enough to be highly effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi (including ringworm, kennel cough and parvovirus). 

DEFRA Tested

Formula H has been tested by the central veterinary laboratory M.A.FF. (DEFRA) and is used extensively by the veterinary profession and rescue centres.

Pet Safe

Can be used safely to clean hutches, kennels , aviaries etc once sprayed allow to dry before your pet touches the surface. Not for use on textiles and do not spray directly on your pet.

Long Lasting

Formula H evaporates at a controlled rate, not straight away ensuring the disinfectant remains on the surface for longer enhancing the effectiveness of the product.


Petlife has confirmed directly to us that this disinfectant is most likely to eradicate E-Cuniculi spores when compared with many other cleaners.

Repels Flies

The eucalyptus oil contained within Formula H also helps repel flies.

Ready To Use Spray

The 500ml bottle is available as a ready to use spray already diluted to the correct solution for your convenience or as a concentrate that can be diluted.

Additional Information

500ml bottle, ready to use spray.

500ml Concentrate

2 Litre Concentrate

5 Litre Concentrate