Four Seasons XXL Sticks

Treat your rabbits and small animals to a year round taste explosion with Rosewood Four Seasons XXL Sticks.

These supersized sticks are certain to give your small furry a gastronomic tour of the four seasons: with lovage and daisy blossoms for spring; strawberry, mint and pea for summer; elderberry, pumpkin and walnut for autumn and apple and celeriac for winter.

They are only made with 100% natural, grain-free ingredients and are crisp and crunchy from the first nibble to the last.

Suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Degus.

Additional Information

Composition: pea flakes (60.3%), graminaceous seeds, cranary grass seed, nettle, buckwheat, parsley, carrot, hemp seed, linseed, fennel seed, peppermint (1.5%), dandelion, black cumin seed, vegetable starch, peas (0.4%), celeriac (0.3%), walnut (0.3%), lovage (0.3%), apple (0.2%), hibiscus, elderberries (0.2%), pumpkin (0.2%), daisies (0.2%), vio;ets, strawberries (0.2%)

Analysis: protein 18.2%, crude fat 4.6%, crude fibre 7.4%, crude ash 4.3%, sdoium 0.017%