The Hay Experts

Freeze Dried Papaya

The Hay Experts freeze-dried Papaya is a natural and tasty treat for your little ones.


Papaya is nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. 

Aids Digestion

Papaya also contains the enzyme papain which can make protein easier to digest, and so help with digestion.

Fur is high in protein, so Papaya may be useful during heavy moults.

Additional Information 

Papaya should be fed as a treat only, and only after the little ones have been very good (or look at you with 'those' eyes! Supplied in small cubes, our freeze-dried Papaya, is easy to feed as a treat - and easy to snatch from your finger-tips too!

Ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs. 


Supplied in a handy zip-lock pouch to help keep produce fresh. We recommend storing in an airtight container to further ensure these freeze-dried fruits remain as fresh as possible after opening.

    Additional Information

    Ingredients: Papaya - yup that's it, nothing else! 

    Pack size: 20g