Fruit & Veg Skewer

The Rosewood Fruit & Veg Skewer for rabbits and small animals brings a new fun, challenging way to feed your pets their 5-a-day. 

Most fruit and vegetables can easily be placed onto the Skewer just as we would to make a kebab, once complete simply hang from a hook within your pets home for some boredom busting fun!

This is a hygienic way of feeding fruit & veg as it prevents food from being soiled and also encourages your rabbits & small animals to increase their exercise as the stretch to reach their food.

Just because rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice are small it doesn't mean they should be forgotten. They are just as important as any other pet and as such providing them with a rich, stimulating environment and varied diet is a fundamental part of their life.


  • Fun way to feed fruit & veg
  • Stimulating challenge
  • Hangs from most types of home
  • Remove any uneaten foods within 12 hours

Size Guide

Approximate total length 17.5cm.