Gor Pets

Gor Flex Bouncy Ball

The Gor Pets Gor Flex Bouncy Ball is a uniquely designed ball with soft bendy spikes that not only massage gums but are great fun to chase - why not ditch that boring tennis ball? 

Made using TPR (thermoplastic rubber) it offers a superb combination of rubber and plastic to give a very tough and flexible toy so your dog can play time and time again. The Gor Pets Bouncy Ball really is super bouncy, the soft spikes make it easy to grip and the TPR makes for a durable, long-lasting toy. 

This Gor Flex Bouncy Ball contains no squeaker so if your dog gets over excited at the squeaky sound of a ball this is the solution for them (also great for owners who tire of the repeating squeak!).

If you have a preferred colour option please pop a note on your order at the checkout and we will do our best however, if it is unavailable we will ask Albie (our golden retriever!) to choose you a different colour.


  • Provides dental hygiene
  • Non-Squeaking
  • Super bouncy
  • Made with tough TPR rubber

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