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Gor Flex Treat Ring

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The Gor Flex Treat Ring by Gor Pets provides your dog with a nice change when compared to normal treat dispensing toys. The unusual ring shaped design gives your dog the chance to carry it, roll it around the floor enjoying catching the treats that tumble out or even take it into the water.

Not only is this a fantastic interactive toy, but the Gor Flex Treat Ring also provides game play in it's own right as a fetch toy and it even floats too for summertime play and activities.

Gor Pets have created an attractive bone design on the outside which adds texture to the toy for increased interest and the hole in the front is the ideal place to leave some small treats or perhaps pieces of cheese for your dog to enjoy the challenge of getting them back out.

There is a star shaped cut-out on the back where a small treat can also be inserted and left in place.

The Gor Flex range is made using TPR (thermoplastic rubber) which offers a superb combination of rubber and plastic to give a very tough and flexible toy.


  • Interactive toy
  • Floats
  • Place treats inside for additional fun
  • Textured toy for added interest
  • Tough & durable

Size Guide

This is a small toy suitable for smaller breeds. Pictured with Albie our Golden Retriever above to give you an idea of size this toy is 10cm.