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Gor Sustain Rubba Air Ball

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Introducing Gor Sustain by Gor Pets – the eco-friendly way to fetch and play that ensures endless fun while reducing our environmental pawprint.


Gor Sustain toys are made with 100% GRS-Certified recycled rubber, making them an environmentally conscious choice for pet owners who care about their carbon pawprint.


With multiple holes around the entire ball this toy has the added benefit that the holes allow your dog plenty of opportunity to breathe easily during playtime.


The Gor Sustain ball floats for additional fun when playing in water.

Additional Information

Please note colours may vary between blue, green and orange. Include a note at the checkout to let us know if you have a preferred option and we will do our best to select it for you, however if unavailable we will ask Albie our golden retriever to pick his favourite instead.

Size Guide

Medium approx - 6.5cm

Large approx - 10.5cm