Hanging Treat Ball

The Rosewood Hanging Food Ball is a fun and efficient way of providing fresh vegetables to your rabbits and other small animals.

With a ringing bell on the base your rabbits will soon learn food is on it's way and come rushing over! Fill it with leaves and vegetables and watch your pets enjoy trying to get everything out. 

It can also be stuffed with some complimentary hay as an extra treat and will stop your 'posh' hays being soiled and spoilt. Don't forget your rabbits need to be provided with their own body size in hay every day so this isn't suitable as a daily hay feeder.

By using the Hanging Food Ball it prevents food getting soiled and you can easily see what your little ones have eaten providing you additional peace of mind.


  • Hanging hook provided
  • Complete with bell
  • Keeps food clean and sanitary
  • Prevents soiled food
  • Chew proof construction
  • Suitable for chickens too!